VIDA is one of the leading manufacturers of Leotard and Swimming wear in Tokyo,
Japan, having a business with twenty years of experiences.
VIDA will move the company forward to achieve more lofty goals in the future.

Distinctive features of VIDA’s leotard

VIDA's leotards are improved in design for professionals
so that they can move more comfortably and express elegantly.
1. Made in Japan

2. Japanese Fabric

3. Style for Professional
A touch of professional cutting is adopted
a. Leg opening portions are designed
to move legs freely and flexibility.

b. The back is designed the scapula
can move freely and flexibility.

4. Cool & Dry
It absorbs and diffuses perspiration quickly,
which reduces chilling feeling.

5. Ultraviolet ray interception(UPF50+)
It protects sensitive skin from ultraviolet ray.

6. Two sizes are available
Japanese size and European size.